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Business Case For Love Taster Events

Marc Cox is the author of The Business Case For Love: How Companies Get Bragged About Today. The title is due to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in Spring 2020. But you don't need to wait for the book launch to hear what the business case is if you are an executive and want to know more.

Marc is offering his Business Case for Love Taster Events on a regular basis in London and other cities internationally.

A Business Case For Love Taster Event is a short interactive session with a small group of delegates, designed to communicate some of the key insights that have informed the development of Marc's approach to helping senior executive build winning business cultures. And a winning culture is one that earns a business the right to be bragged about, by customers, employees and other stakeholders.

With trust in business and employee engagement both at record low levels, smart leaders know a business that earns itself the right to be bragged about and is loved has earned itself a competitive advantage that is hard to copy. Few know the way to achieve this, but Marc shares the formula for success - the only formula for lasting business success. Register your interest in attending a future taster event:

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