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How do we help employees love what they do?  How do get clarity on what makes us different? How do we create a mindset of creating memorable customer experiences?


Answering these questions creates the foundation for sustainable commercial success.


For the last 20 years, Marc has been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of companies, across a number of categories in many different parts of the world.. The common thread amongst these clients is the attitude of the 'boss'. Usually the CEO, sometimes a divisional MD.

Each and everyone is curious and open-minded. Interested in fresh insights and perspectives, they never want to stop learning

Marc helps his clients achieve their aspiration, to be 'best in class', not just 'best in category'. His philosophy and approach is 'The Business Case for Love'. Simply put, "a belief that if you want your customer to love the company, you need to start by ensuring your team love their company".



Marc's clients fall into two types,  either a 'turn around', usually involving the arrival of a new CEO. or the strategy is in place but there is a desire to add more 'heart' and emotion to the employee and customer experience. Both involve 'kicking off' behavioural and cultural change. Marc's role is to guide and facilitate. Through story-telling, sharing insights and offering anecdotes, he helps people discover the ‘answers’ for themselves. The opposite of ‘consulting’, he helps organisations discover and build upon their own Company Spirit.

It is an ‘inside-out’ way of working and starts by going backwards and inwards to unearth deep ‘roots’ - how was the company behaving when it was at its best? It allows future customer and employee experience to be anchored in an authentic and meaningful way.

Marc believes true engagement can only happen through collaboration and shared experiences. If people feel they are part of creating the future, they are much more likely to believe in it, develop their own ideas and act with passion. It provides a true sense of purpose. And, it is a tried and tested approach that has earned him repeat business.. Contact us if you are curious to find out more about the complete Company Spirit Journey.



Not a 'workshop' but an event in its own right. Always in an inspiring location and designed to be memorable, involving and experiential.


No Powerpoints allowed!


They range from the introductory 'Business Case for Love' Taster Event through to Two-Day Events for up to 30 people.


Popular topics include:


  • The Memorable Customer Experience Event

  • The 'Best in Class' Leadership Event

  • The 'Best in Class' Innovation Behaviours Event


Contact us if curious to find out more.

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Marc is available for conference keynote speeches on a wide range of topics. He aims to inspire, motivate and affect the audience as other great speakers have. His goal is to kindle and inflame a shared passion and a sense of real purpose. But in his own way. Not in quite the same style as Martin Luther  King. Some of the topics he speaks about include:  


  • How Company Spirit is Killed. The 'roots' of the problem. How did we get here? What were the warning signs? What is the result?


  • Falling in Love and Inflaming Passion. The philosophy and approach of the Business Case for Love. What is it? How is it practised? What are the behaviours underpinning it? What are the benefits?


  • Staying in Love. Staying ‘happily married’ with an employee or as a customer takes a lot of work, starting with leadership behaviour. Being on stage every day, living the Company Spirit. Creating memorable employee experiences leads to memorable customer experiences and ‘more money in the till’.



Marc is currently working on his book, The Business case For Love. It explores how toxic cultures, unhappy employees, poor customer experiences and fractious relationships have brutalised employees and destroyed customer loyalty. In it he argues now is the time to expose bad leadership and rebuild The Company Spirit.


It is a must-read for all Directors, CEOs, and all executives involved in protecting or changing corporate culture. It should also be read by everyone concerned with employee engagement, customer experience,  productivity and performance. All are inextricably linked. 


The hard-hitting and direct messages will be a wake-up call to many or should be. And the practical insights and approaches will be enlightening.


The book is filled with anecdotes and illustrations from real situations, many from Marc's international engagements with organisations in a wide range of industries over the past 20 years.

Published by Palgrave Macmillan, it will be available in spring 2020 and is available to pre-order now  




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